Monday, October 20, 2008

Cubs in '09

I want to try and perhaps predict my hopes for what is going to be the cubs 2009 season from position to position, and perhaps guess / predict the moves the cubs are going to do in the offseason.

First Base: I thought I'd start off with perhaps was originally going to be my most outlandish pick, but I guess after reading a lot of useless blogs it doesn't seem nearly as outrageous as I originally thought. I would get rid of derek lee. I know, I know, he's been perhaps one of our most prolific players, and perhaps even the face of the franchise (cue 2005 almost .400 Lee) however I always like to play to the "You'd rather trade them a year before you need to than a year after you should have" Billy Beane. But where? Look to the dodgers, who may be unwilling to eat a $150 million 4 year deal that supposedly is brewing. That and the lack of a first basemen seems to open up for Lee... But more likely are the lowly Giants who's owner (Peter Magowan) is willing to spend money on old people. (See Barry Bonds). So I would expect an emerging Hoffpauir to take over here, at about a $13 million per year savings, not to mention get some good left handed bullpen from the giants.

Second Base: Using the money saved on Lee, I would sign DeRosa, and not just because his wife is really really attractive. He can play literally anywhere, and he hits near .300, hard to pass up. I would sign Fontenot too, and play both almost every day, because we need a good left handed bat in the wings. This will be described later...

SS: Theriot. How can you get rid of a guy who hits .300+, and is a top 5 fielder? You can't.

Third: Ramirez. Love hate at best, but he's really good.

Center: Pie / Johnson. I like Johnson a lot, and I think this is the most logical thing for the team, because Edmonds is almost ready to cash in his social security. Johnson can hit the left handed pitching, and can play until Pie is indeed ready for the spotlight.

Left: Soriano. Sadly, I think its a reach to try and get rid of him... Perhaps he will improve, and I would listen for offers, but I think that we don't have much of a choice than to eat this monstrosity of a contract. But seriously, and I don't care what you say Lou, you CANT let him lead off.

Right: This is another area which people are predicting, but think that it would be dumb: Get rid of Fukudome. Seriously. He needs to save face, take a buy out and head home. Guy can't hit low and outside stuff, nuff said. I would play DeRosa here all day long, because it allows Fontenot to play.

Catcher: We have the MVP, come on. Soto.

So for the fielders (Pitchers whenever I take another break:)


Monday, October 6, 2008

Now to the Bears

Well, I guess I've decided to become more of a bears fan.

Mainly because the cubs blew it again, but also because the bears are exceeding expectations. I guess this is the way that sports goes, when we exceed expectations it seems to be more fun, even if we're barely a .500+ team. I mean the bears we're supposed to win what, 6 games? But the cubs we're supposed to be the best team in baseball.


Anyway, at least the Illini beat Michigan the other day, I was there with Shannon to watch it in the Big house and I have to say, it felt good to have the Illini beat someone so soundly. Biggest win in Illinois Michigan history! Woo.

Went to the bears game Sunday, sat in the family section with no alcohol or profanity but we won so that's all that matters.

Anyway, back to work.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Page

So I decided Im going to make this a pseudo political blog around the first day of the year.

I know you're all excited.

Because no one reads.

Monday, October 22, 2007




Sunday, July 15, 2007

Insomniac Writings....

I never want to be strangers again, she says
There are tears in her eyes
And later on when I’m all by myself,
There are tears in mine

We sell our love like it was fresh lemonade
We yell as cars go by
Run up to strangers and we tug at their coats
And plead with them to try

But you, you’ve taken all of my dreams
And melted them to stone
And you’ve skipped them across the water and they’re gone
But you, you gave me nothing at all
But hope when I was weak
And now you’re gone, I played along, and I’m alone

Growing up is just betraying ourselves
We do it all the time
A year ago I was in love with a girl,
Now she’s gone I’m fine

Well here we are together
Well here’s our favorite song
We talked about forever, yeah,
Well maybe that’s too long

But you, you’ve taken all of my dreams
And melted them to stone
And you’ve skipped them across the water and they’re gone
But you, you gave me nothing at all
But hope when I was weak
And now you’re gone, I played along, and I’m alone

And I’m alone, she left me
And I’m alone, tired and weak
And I’m alone, it’s raining, and I’m wondering if I’m happy
Well I’m alone, talk to me please,
And I’m alone, breathe me in deep
And I’m alone, ask me to leave, let’s go grab a beer or something

Friday, June 8, 2007



Im back from the adventure. Its weird typing on a keyboard thats familiar and that I can type faster than 20 wpm. But, all in all, it was an amazing trip. AMAZING.

All the people I've met, all the people I've talked to, and hopefully will keep in touch with, it was amazing to meet you.

Thank you for making this trip what it was!!


Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Yesterday, from Wien, took a scketzchy train to Praha (Prague). (Yeah, side note: Didnt know it was called praha. Europe tried to trick me)

Anywho, we got in after our train broke down about an hour late, but still had plenty of time to look around the city. Presummary, it was really surprisingly nice.

When we got off of the train, it was hardcore eastern bloc country. Everything was bland, and boring and I was a little dissapointed/scared.

But then we took the train into the center of the city and oh my God, it was incredible. The parisian look of the city really took my breath away and both chris and I agree the overall feel of the city was much cooler, more laid back, more bohemian than any other city we've been to thus far. It really ranks a close 3rd in our city tour thus far (at the end, I'll give you a run down of my favorites and why)

And of course, we saw the touristy stuff. St. Charles bridge (where the pieces of the chess board were based off of in the 13th century), The Hapsburg castle (Did you know that this was the capital of the Austria-Hungary empire? No? Neither did I.) and the astronomical clock.

The clock. Wow.

MOST OVERRATED THING IN EUROPE. According to our mikes bike tour guide it ranks one on the top three most overrated things in europe (we did them all)

1. The damn clock. Its stupid. At the hour there is a rotating bunch of saints or kings or something for 15 seconds. stupid.

2. The glockenspiel. (Munich) Its really just overrated. Two reaaaaly slow wooden horses joust. OOOOOOH.

3. The peeing boy in Brussels. He's a foot tall, naked and peeing. His sister, squatting. AND peeing.
Nice Belgium. Nice.

So yeah were going back to Wien today and then hanging out with STEFAN!!

he actually got back to me in the NICK of time! Go stefan. were going to get tickets to his play and then go out with the cast afterwards. (for chris's sake, lets hope its in english)

Then leave thursday...